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Missing teeth can make chewing and speaking clearly difficult and may take a toll on your self-esteem. If you desire a full set of beautiful teeth, Mohammad Rahman, DMD, and his experienced cosmetic dentistry team at Floral Dental Care, PC, in Floral Park, New York, can help. They offer full and partial dentures to give you the smile makeover and confidence you desire. Schedule a consultation over the phone or online to find out if dentures are right for you.

What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth that replace some of or all of your natural teeth. They can restore your smile’s appearance and make speaking clearly and chewing easier. Full dentures replace all of your permanent teeth, and partial dentures replace just some of your teeth.

What are the different types of dentures?

Different types of dentures are available to meet your individualized needs. They are either removable or fixed, and some are supported by dental implants. Overdentures fit over some of your remaining natural teeth, while implant-supported dentures are secured in place with titanium posts implanted into your jawbone.

The Floral Dental Care, PC, team also offers bridges to replace just a few missing teeth. Bridges are supported dental implants, or crowns (porcelain caps) that fit over your adjacent teeth.

Are dentures right for me?

To find out which type of dentures or other dental restorations are right for you, Dr. Rahman and his team review your medical history and examine your teeth and gums. They use dental X-rays to let you know which personalized cosmetic dental treatment best matches your needs.

What happens when getting dentures?

The process of getting dentures depends on which type you receive. For implant-supported dentures, Dr. Rahman places metal posts within your jawbone to support the implants. Several months of healing are necessary before fitting you for fixed dentures. To develop overdentures, he reshapes your natural teeth to allow dentures to fit over the top.

A dental lab creates new custom-fit dentures. When they are ready, Dr. Rahman ensures they fit properly. For implant-supported fixed dentures, he securely attaches them to connector posts, where they can remain in place for a lifetime.

How should I care for my new dentures?

Care for your dentures as you would your natural teeth. Brush them at least twice daily and brush your tongue, gums, cheeks, and the roof of your mouth. For removable dentures, Dr. Rahman might recommend soaking them in a dentures cleaning solution at night when you sleep.

Avoid chewing on hard objects like hard candy, ice, and popcorn kernels, and don’t open packages with your teeth. Contact Dr. Rahman if your dentures become loose, damaged, or no longer fit properly.

Don’t live with missing teeth that diminish your quality of life. Schedule an appointment with Floral Dental Care, PC, over the phone or online to find out if dentures are right for you.